IMAN1 – Introduction

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The Goal of the project was to achieve "Supercomputing Power" within the most economical parameters.

This Goal was achieved by building IMAN1 using 2260 PlayStation3 devices, basically turning a video gaming console into a supercomputer powerhouse!

Peak performance of 25 TeraFLOPS (25 x 1012 Flops i.e. 25 Trillion Floating Point Operations Per Second).

The Project Started in January 2010, with the acquisition of the PS3 units, and moved into its custom built facilities at the KHBP in December of 2010. IMAN1 went live in October of 2011.

IMAN1 system was designed, engineered, and developed in house completely by Jordanian resources.

In addition to that, all the software components of the supercomputer was also designed and developed by Jordanian resources.


Why is IMAN1 important?

IMAN1 is Jordan's first and fastest High Performance Computing resource, funded by JAEC and SESAME. It is available for use by academia and industry in Jordan and the region.
  • A price efficient world-class Supercomputer designed, developed, and operated in Jordan by Jordanian resources.
  • A powerful research tool available to the Universities of Jordan to advance their research and  ..... read more

IMAN1 User Site

Support, documentation and training courses are available on this section
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