Examples of IMAN1 Use

Challenging, real-world problems in science, engineering, and business continue to fuel the need for High Performance Computer simulations on Supercomputers.Below are some examples of how IMAN1 helped different research groups in their scientific research:


 Beta function on real plane Accelerator Physicist from SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) Mr. Koryun Manukyan is using IMAN1 to simulate the beam dynamics for SESAME’s Synchtron Light Storage Ring and Booster. 

Dr. Areej Abuhammad from the University of Jordan - Assistant Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences – is utilizing IMAN1 for her scientific research in the areas of Protein Structure Prediction, Silico-drug Screening, and Refining Protein X-ray Crystallography Data.

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 PHD Students Under the guidance of Dr. Mohammad Qatawneh – Dean of King Abdullah II School for Information Technology KASIT – eight PHD students from the Computer Science Department are currently utilizing IMAN1 to test and run their high performance parallel codes on IMAN1 Supercomputer for their Advanced Distributed Computing Courses.
graphene-nanoribbons Reem Shadeed – Master’s student from the Electrical Engineering department at the University of Jordan – is currently performing all the computational experiments for her master’s thesis on IMAN1. She is investigating the structural, electronic, electrical and mechanical properties of Carbon Nano Ribbons and Nanotubes. The investigations are performed using the state-of-the art method of density functional theory (DFT) that uses the density rather than the number of electrons in order to map the many-body problem into one-body problem. This research is in collaboration with Prof. Bothina Hamad from the Department of Computational Physics & Material Science at the University of Jordan – and Professor Khaldoun Tarawneh – Department of Basic Sciences at Princess Sumaya University for Technology.