How to Apply for System Time ?

This page is intended for those who wish to apply for system time on the HPC resources of IMAN1.

There are two types of access available:

  1. IMAN1 Development Cluster: 5 IBM Cell Processor Machines (1 master node + 4 computing nodes). The user will be granted preparatory access for projects that require porting, development, testing, scalability testing, or specialized assistance.
  2. IMAN1 Production Cluster: 2260 IBM Cell Processor Machines (Click here for detailed information about IMAN1 Supercomputer). The user will be granted production access for projects to implement a scientific research project. These projects undergo a full technical and scientific review and they have to be sufficiently tested for efficiency, scalability, and suitability on IMAN1 Test Cluster. There must be a verifiable work plan for resource usage included in the proposal.

To request system on IMAN1 Development and Production Clusters please do the following:

  1. Download the prposal form on this link (This form can be filled out by using MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010) .
  2. To submit your proposal, click here.

NOTE1: The IBM Cell processor has a main Power Processor CPU (called the PPE) and 8 special compute engines (called SPEs) available for raw computation. The SPEs can only be accessed through the PPE. Moreover, each SPE performs vector operations, which implies that they can compute on multiple data, in a single step (SIMD).

NOTE2: Your proposal will undergo a full technical and scientific review and once approved you will be granted access to IMAN1 (you will be emailed all the access credentials and instructions).