IMAN1 Resources

1. IMAN1-Booster/King

Both of booster (IMAN1-01-PS3) and King (IMAN1-02-PS3) Clusters are HPC clusters based on the IBM CELL Processor (8 C SPEs + 1 PPE). Booster cluster is a small scale cluster consisted of five PlayStations (PS3) used to run pilot projects and to make a prove of concept for code porting on this architecture. However, the successful jobs are moved to the large-scale cluster "King (IMAN1-02-PS3)", which is consisted of 2260 PlayStation. more technical information is provided below: 

    • Server: 2260 X Sony Playstation3
    • CPU per server: 1 X 1 PPE (Power Processing Element), 64-bit PowerPC
    • RAM per server: 256MB XDR DRAM
    • Total storage (TB): 1 TB NFS Share 
    • Accelerators type: 8 X SPE (Synergistic Processing Element)
    • OS: Yellow Dog Linux 6.2
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2. IMAN1-Zaina Cluster

Zaina Cluster is an Intel Xeon based computing cluster with 1 Gbit Ethernet interconnect. The cluster is manely used for code development, code porting and Synchrotron Radiation application purposes. It compounds of two Dell PowerEdge R710 and Five HP ProLiant DL140 G3 servers. Technical details are given below:

    • Server: 7 Servers (Two Dell PowerEdge R710 and five HP ProLiant DL140 G3)
    • CPU per server: Dell (2 X 8 cores Intel Xeon) HP (2 X 4 cores Intel Xeon)  
    • RAM per server:Dell (16 GB) HP (6 GB)
    • Total storage (TB): 1 TB NFS Share 
    • Accelerators type: N/A
    • OS: Scientific Linux 6.4     

Source of the photo: © IMAN1 | Zaina Intel Xeon Cluster

3. IMAN1-Gamma Computing Node

Gamma Computing Node is an Intel Xeon based node. It is hybrid CPU/GPU computing node equipped with NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU card. This computing node is used for data visualization and pattern / object detection. Mainly, this computing node is used for academic and research purposes. Technical details are given below:

    • Server: 1 X IBM M4 dx360
    • CPU per server: 2 X 4 cores Intel Xeon CPU 
    • RAM per server: 32 GB 
    • Total storage (TB): 0.6 TB Local Disk 
    • Accelerators type: NVIDIA TESLA K20 (2496 CUDA Cores)
    • OS:Scientific Linux 6.4

Source of the photo: © IMAN1 | Gamma Computing Node