Story of IMAN1

IMAN1: Jordan’s First and Fastest Supercomputer.

Every success story starts with a great vision… IMAN1 project was born from His Majesty’s King Abdullah the Second vision and his strong belief that his people could turn this vision into reality. The goal of the project was to build a High Performance Computing facility within the most economical parameters and to do it all in Jordan utilizing Jordanian innovation and ingenuity. That’s why IMAN1 was completely designed, developed, and operated in Jordan by Jordanian resources utilizing Jordanian innovation and ingenuity.

IMAN1 was built using 2260 PS3 devices with IBM Cell Processors connected together on a very fast fiber based network; basically, turning a video gaming console into a supercomputer powerhouse that is capable of performing up to 25 trillion mathematical operations per second. In addition to that, it has one of the world’s best price-per-performance ratios in the High Performance Computing market.

Currently IMAN1 project is operated and funded by JAEC and SESAME supporting their critical missions and fulfilling their High-end computing needs. In addition to that, it is available to all the universities and scientific institutions in Jordan as an open platform to advance and support their research and development efforts in the areas of Science and Engineering.

Iman1 project embodies the Jordanian spirit “accomplishing great things with limited resources and making the impossible possible”.